The robots are coming. I’m not scared.

If the media and LinkedIn are to be believed, copywriters like myself should be shaking in their boots right now. ChatGPT and all its AI peers are going to steal our jobs. We’re doomed.

It’s all rather dreary.

Undoubtedly, generative AI will change the landscape. The job I do today may look very different to the job I do in the future. But that’s the nature of things, isn’t it?

Times change. Industries evolve. People adapt. 

Will AI replace copywriters? That’s a very good question to ask.


Copywriters are more than their words

You’d be safe to guess that I do spend much of my time tapping away at the keyboard. I write SEO copy, product descriptions, newsletters and social media captions. I delight in deadlines and tinker with tone.

But copywriting isn’t – or shouldn’t be – transactional. It should be strategic and researched. It should be grounded in strong relationships and having a deep understanding of the business goals. 

When copy is all of these things, it speaks directly to the target audience. The copywriter puts themselves in the customer’s shoes to solve their problems and answer their questions.

Much of what I do is ideating. It’s wading through keywords to find the perfect combination. It’s planning content strategically so every word I write is connected to an outcome or a goal. 

I have no doubt that AI could achieve at least some of this if you worked it hard enough, refining the responses with prompt after prompt.

The difference for my clients is that I do all of this work behind the scenes. I get to know their business deeply and then I package up the strategy, keywords and copy in a neat parcel tied with a metaphorical big red bow.


Humans seek connection

What I value and enjoy most about copywriting is the people and relationships I’ve developed. I get to know my clients and I’m interested in who they are as people outside of work. And it seems they value the same thing because that’s the feedback I consistently receive in my testimonials and case studies

Yes, you can have a “conversation” with AI. You can ask it nicely to do things and chastise it when it doesn’t deliver. You can input problems and ask for solutions. But can you call AI when you’re facing a tricky business situation and need a sounding board to talk through it? Or when you’re considering a new product and want to chat about market positioning with someone who deeply understands – and genuinely cares about – your brand?

AI isn’t cheering on your business. It’s not telling its friends about how amazing you are and sending you links or ideas that it thinks you might like. Only humans can do that.


AI is a tool

Don’t get me wrong, AI is an incredible tool to have in your arsenal. I use it. Every other copywriter I know is using it. But we’re not using it as a complete solution. It’s just another tool in our copywriting arsenal.

So, how am I using AI? Here’s just a few ways:

  • Summarising lengthy information and extracting the key points.
  • Providing social media hashtags for different topics and industries.
  • Rewriting tricky sentences that I’ve been stuck on.
  • Checking for passive voice and removing it from my copy where required.

AI is nothing new to copywriters. We’ve been using tools like Grammarly or headline analysers for years. 

Would I ever throw a blog post topic into ChatGPT and see what it came up with? Yes, absolutely.

Would I ever use the result as anything other than research or an experiment? Absolutely not. It certainly has a long way to go before that is an option I would ever dream of considering.

Can AI replace a parenting copywriter who has been through those sleepless nights and toddler tantrums? Unlikely. 

Can AI help with generating synonyms or sparking ideas about any parenting 101 topic? For sure.

Never underestimate the power and value of connection.


Will AI replace copywriters?

This copywriter doesn’t think so. 

If anything, I’m excited about what AI can do to help me help my clients even more. I look forward to more time to focus on strategy. More time for important relationship building. More time to speak with my client’s customers and write rich and meaningful case studies.

AI has a place. What I – and all the other human copywriters – offer is so much more than that.

Looking for unique, human-written copy backed by strategic thinking and SEO prowess? Let’s chat. Get in touch so I can learn more about your business and how I can help.

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