Working with a copywriter on a large copywriting project

60,000 words. 300+ individual content pieces. Four weeks. One client. It was a huge copywriting project with a tight deadline. But we delivered on time. And on budget.

Working with a copywriter doesn’t always look like multiple content documents with weekly project milestones. It can be as simple as a 5 page SEO website. Or two 700-word blogs each month. In this particular case, it was a large copywriting project with all hands on deck to deliver.

Curious about how we tackle a large project to know if we have the skills to deliver yours? Below we take you through the behind the scenes to show you how we make it happen.


Team resourcing

With any copywriting project, resourcing is the first thing we look at. We need to be sure that we can scale the team to deliver. Working with a copywriter with a scalable team means you – the client – can deal with a single point of contact. We do the coordination so you don’t have to.

Given the timeframe and size of this project, we drew on our network of subcontractors to ensure we could get the project done without compromising other work. Our subcontractors work with us regularly so they’re familiar with our processes and our expectations around quality.

With the team in place, we mapped out the project milestones and aligned our resources each week to match the deliverables.


Content doc creation

Creating the content docs upfront means the entire project will run smoothly. For this project, we had weekly deliverables so we batched the content docs in line with these weekly deliverables.

The content docs aren’t just for writing. They include the copywriting brief, client style notes and anything else the writer needs to deliver to the quality we expect. This project required some high level research. The content doc brief included direct links for the writer to save them time in the writing process.

In most cases, we have a seperate content document for every piece of content we deliver. For a project with 300+ individual content pieces, that would be a logistical nightmare for our client. Instead, we combine the content into batches for a smoother delivery and review process.


Delivering the work

If you’re working with a copywriter, you need to know that they have the systems and processes in place to deliver more than the words. In our projects, we seek to add value beyond the words and make it easy for our clients to work with us.

We use ClickUp for all our projects. It allows for easy collaboration, which is ideal for a remote team like ours. We create individual tasks for briefing, writing and editing. We have a clear view of what is due when and who is responsible for it.

For this copywriting project, we had a single editor working across all of the copy. The writers would do their thing, which would then go to the editor for review before being sent to the client. This independent editing step ensured that every content doc was formatted consistently and that every word aligned with the tone of voice requirements.

It was an epic month. The client was thrilled with the final result. And we took time to celebrate as a team before we got back to work!


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