5 easy-to-action tips for writing your about page

The about page on your website will be one of your most visited pages. It’s how your customers will connect with your brand story and develop the trust they need in order to buy from you. You can’t afford to get it wrong. But for many business owners, writing your about page feels about as straightforward as differential calculus. You get so bogged down in how to write your about page that you don’t write anything at all.

Read on for our top five about us page tips along with a healthy dose of about page inspiration.


Tip 1: Your about page isn’t about you

It seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it? It’s your story, isn’t it? Yes and no. Your about page is about sharing your story. But it’s also about your customers and how they fit within your story.

Say you write your about page and share an extensive list of your attributes, experience, skills and your business journey. It’s well written and you’ve hit all your about page SEO keywords. What’s missing is how you harness your attributes, experience, skills and business journey to solve your customers’ problems. Because why should your clients have to draw that connection themselves?

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes so they know you understand them. What are their biggest barriers or challenges? And how do you provide the solutions? This is why your about us page is so important.


Tip 2: Let your personality shine

Every brand has a personality. For sole traders, the brand personality may be very much like your own. For larger businesses, that’s not always the case. Whatever the case, when you’re writing your about page, you need that personality to shine through.

If you haven’t yet defined your brand personality and voice, take some time to do that now. Is your business fun and relaxed or formal and knowledgeable? What do you want people to think about your brand? How can you demonstrate that through your copy?

When you’ve got a good idea about your brand, follow some of these copywriting tips to help bring your personality to the fore:

  • Start with a hook to draw your customer into the story.
  • Use a mix of longer and shorter sentences to build rhythm.
  • Be succinct. Don’t use 10 words when you can use 5. Don’t ramble.
  • Break up big blocks of text and start a new paragraph for each new idea.


Tip 3: Everybody has a story. So what’s yours?

You likely aren’t the only business that offers the products or services you do. So why should someone buy from you and not another business? Because of your story.

Stories invite, excite and unite. There’s a story behind every brand, all you have to do is share yours on your about me page. What sparked the idea for your business? Do you have a why or vision behind the brand? What does your product or service mean to you? How do you live and breathe your business values everyday?

An about page for an ecommerce website may explain the problem in your life that sparked your big idea. You can explain what your product(s) solved for you and how it can help other people. Make it personal. Make it meaningful.


Tip 4: People buy from people

Think about the corner store of yore. The shopkeeper knew everyone. And everyone knew the shopkeeper and their story. They weren’t buying from the business. They were buying from the shopkeeper. If there’s one secret to how to write an effective about me page, this is it.

People buy from people. Your about page helps you to build that relationship through a screen. When people feel connected with you, when they trust you, that’s when they’ll buy from you. If you have a team, don’t be afraid to include them when writing your about page. Not only can you showcase their expertise, it also sends a really powerful message about how much you value your team members.


Tip 5: Finish with a strong call to action (CTA)

Every page on your website should have a CTA. Don’t forget the CTA when writing your about page. Your about page provides a huge opportunity to connect with your customers. If you succeed at that, they’ll want to know more or they may even be ready to hit the ‘Buy Now’ button.

The CTA on your about page should take your customers to the next logical step. An eCommerce copywriter would direct customers to the shop page in the CTA so they can explore your range of products. For a B2B business, the CTA may direct customers to your process or more about your service. Whatever you do, don’t leave your customers hanging.


Need help writing your about page?

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