Why hire a copywriter rather than do it yourself

It’s tempting to write your own copy. After all, they’re just words, aren’t they?

Writing your about page or writing a blog post is straightforward enough if you do a little research. You can learn how to structure your copy so that your customers can find you on Google and you can tweak your copy to increase conversions.

Why use a copywriter then? Why hire a copywriter when you can do it yourself?


Copywriters are curious folk

Part of what makes us copywriters so good at our job is that we’re curious. We like to know how things work and the why behind the answer.

What do copywriters do? We ask all the questions to understand exactly what it is you do, how and why you do it and who you do it for. We fill in the gaps with research and form a complete picture of your business. Only then can we breathe life into your story with our words.

When you write your own copy, it’s so easy to focus on the wrong thing. To gloss over details that you might take as a given because you’re so familiar with your subject matter. You know what you do inside and out so you don’t always stop to ask the questions that your customers need and want to know.

A copywriter looks at your business with fresh and inquiring eyes. What we do is so much more than stringing words and sentences together. With those words and sentences, we tell stories and help you make sales.


Brand voice matters

And it matters more than you might think. It’s a big factor in why professional copywriting is important.

What tends to happen when you write your own copy is that you focus on the words and explaining what you do. This is great. But it’s only part of what you need.

Brand voice is an additional layer to this that helps to strengthen your message and build trust with your customers.

Your customers will notice if your brand voice isn’t consistent. Going from technical and detailed in one sentence to more lighthearted in the next may not be something your customers consciously notice.

But it will still leave them confused. And that’s never a good thing.

Writing to a brand voice is a difficult skill that some copywriters still struggle with. It takes many years of experience to develop. When you can nail it, it’s the sprinkles on top of your copy that allows your brand personality to shine.


Free up your time

The question of why hire a copywriter to write for your business is much the same as why you would hire a plumber to fix your toilet. If you’re not a plumber and you try to do it yourself, you could end up in a world of pain.

If you try to write your own copy, you’re spending your precious time on something that isn’t in your wheelhouse. When your copy is in the hands of an experienced copywriter, you can get on with doing whatever it is that you do best. Whether that’s making more products, dealing with customers, or managing your team, you can do it knowing that your copy is handled.


It’s tempting, isn’t it?

Not all copywriter hires are equal. At Copy, She Wrote, we’ve been writing for digital audiences for more than a decade. We’re parenting copywriters, email aficionados, social media stars and content strategy experts. We’ve written about high-end furniture, solar energy and everything in between. If you need SEO copywriting to help customers find you on Google or an eCommerce copywriter to jazz up your product descriptions, we can help.

What we do best is take a strategic approach to content to convert your website visitors and social media followers into customers.

If you want to lift the weight of your copy from your shoulders, contact us to have a discussion about our copywriting services and how we can help. We think you’ll find that hiring a copywriter is one of the best business decisions you’ll make.

Place your copy in expert hands.